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Unlocking the Door to Success

Since the start of my career, I was taught that achieving success was difficult. During my first job, my co-workers told me how hard it would be to get to the next level. Then when I got to the next level, my new co-workers complained about how difficult their work...

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You’re Part of The Ocean

Growing up, I thought very little about death. After all, what was there to think about? I was busy chasing down ice cream trucks and later the girls in my biology class. I was young. Young people didn't die. Even as I went through high school and experienced the...

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The Crow On Your Shoulder

Throughout my life, I've had this little voice in my head telling me I'm not good enough. In high school, it told me I shouldn't go for varsity soccer. In college, it told me I wouldn't be able to get a paid internship. And during my first job, it told me I didn't...

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The Mental Metal Detector

When I first got into sales I was incredibly awkward. In the morning, I'd hop off the elevator and rush to my desk to avoid office chitchat. At team happy hours I'd stand in the corner hovering over the appetizer table. I was an introvert thrust into a world of bubbly...

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