Pema & Brendan Show

Stay tuned for Pema & Brendan’s video channel, launching on YouTube & LinkedIn in early 2021!

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Brendan Barca

A magnetic and experienced financial services professional, consultant, speaker, and coach, Brendan Barca is the lead speaker for our webinars. He will engage your group with thought-provoking content and provide an immediate action plan to leverage technology for future success. From virtual selling and presenting to using platforms such as LinkedIn for business growth, Brendan offers a unique and fresh perspective on bringing financial services companies into the modern age.

Pema Sherpa

A native of Nepal, Pema Sherpa has been practicing and training in meditation for over two decades. She earned her Master’s Degree from Harvard University, studying mind-body relationships, and has since helped working professionals cultivate creativity, productivity and embody joy. Pema is passionate about teaching relevant and accessible mindfulness practice without stripping away its robust philosophical and scientific implications.

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