Premium Group Training

Training is Invaluable

A commitment to professional training will not only increase your team’s performance, but research shows that training boosts feelings of value, engagement, and satisfaction in employees. As we move deeper into the virtual age, keeping your team abreast of new technology and trends will be critical in order to stay relevant and competitive.
Brendan Barca has trained sales teams at financial institutions nationwide on how to use LinkedIn to grow their businesses. Beyond just a professional networking platform, LinkedIn is an opportunity to dramatically overhaul the way business is conducted. Brendan’s experience as a former hybrid wholesaler and tech sales account executive gives him a unique perspective to teach LinkedIn within the financial services community. His 5-Step Method for LinkedIn client creation has helped business owners land new clients, connect to the next generation, and take their business to new heights. John Hancock, Columbia Threadneedle, and Natixis are just a few of the many reputable firms who have participated in his LinkedIn wholesaler training programs. Get More Info
The pandemic has changed the way we work for the foreseeable future. This means that wholesalers must take advantage of online tools to stay connected with current relationships and grow new ones. While in-person business does look different, communication has never been easier thanks to platforms such as Zoom and WebEx. Brendan Barca has a robust training program to help your team master remote selling, presenting, and relationship building, to ensure your sales force is well equipped for the virtual age of selling. In this new landscape of wholesaling practices, it’s crucial for businesses to adapt in order to prosper. Get in Touch