Brendan believes everyone deserves to awaken to their true purpose. Years of introspection helped him discover that his is serving others. Now through his work as a coach, speaker, and corporate trainer he gets to serve people for a living.

After spending nearly a decade in sales roles in Boston and New York, he decided to set out on his own. What started as career coaching, snowballed into much, much more.

Brendan brings a fresh new perspective on what has typically been a very traditional industry.

He built his own successful business remotely by using tools such as Zoom, WebEx, ConvertKit and LinkedIn. Now, Brendan teaches advisors how to seamlessly enter the digital age through live workshops, webinars and group coaching programs.

Brendan is proud to work with many of the prestigious firms in the industry on both the asset manager side and in the broker / dealer community, consulting on topics such as LinkedIn selling, conducting premium virtual meetings (Zoom/WebEx), and modernizing financial advisor websites. He has worked with companies such as Ameriprise, LPL, UBS, Edward Jones, John Hancock, Columbia Threadneedle, Fidelity, Prudential, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo & more.

A year into Brendan’s business, his partner, Pema Sherpa – who was an entrepreneur in her own right – began to work within the financial services community as well. Pema helps salespeople and financial advisors reach peak performance through mindfulness
and meditation.

Brendan and Pema now work together in serving clients throughout the US and the world.

Our goal is simple:

Help as Many People as Possible Grow and Thrive in their Life and Career.

Outside of work, Brendan is an avid traveler (past solo-trips to Japan & Peru), enthusiastic runner (Boston & NYC Marathons), personal growth guru, hip-hop junkie, and practicing meditator.

Brendan and Pema like to travel while working. They best serve clients when working remotely, inspired by the culture and people from around the world.

Whether you’re a company looking to modernize in what may feel like an overwhelming digital space or you’re a professional looking to grow personally, connect with Brendan and Pema here.