14 Articles to Accelerate your Personal Growth
January 26, 2017

At this point in the year, many people’s New Years resolutions have already turned to dust. Even you probably have one or two that you’ve pushed to 2018.  But what if instead of these feeble resolutions you could implement permanent changes in your life.  What if you could implement habits that could shift your mindset and accelerate your path to success?

Below I have included a compilation of blog posts that are sure to motivate and challenge you to be your best possible self in 2017.  Furthermore, they will give you actionable habits and techniques that you can use to implement into your daily life.

Enjoy the list and please comment below with any additional articles you’d like to share!


14 Blog Posts to Accelerate your Personal Growth:

1. I Want to Quit. Right Now by Jon Westenerg. Jon takes us deep into his doubts as an entrepreneur and explains why he’s wanted to quit a million times.  But in the end, he explains why it’s all worth it.  This post will teach you self-discipline at a whole new level.

2. This is the 1 Thing Successful People Do Differently by Patrick Edblad.  In this post from the blog, Better Humans, the author talks about the difference between the people who make it and the people who fall short.  What he finds?  Successful people are willing to do what others will not…

3. Why Deep Work Helps You Get More Done in Less Time by Srinivas Rao.  In this quick yet excellent read the author walks through the risks of multitasking, the benefits of being fully engaged on a project and how deep work reduces anxiety.

4. About Living With Courage by TJ Loeffler.  In this ultra short poetic post,  the writer toils with mortality, gaining wisdom and keeping faith through all parts of life.

5. 8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8 A.M. by Benjamin P. Hardy. You’ve often heard the expression that the early bird catches the worm right?  Well in our case as humans, the early bird chases his dreams.  This article breaks down the top ways to improve your morning routine and ensure that in each day you are working towards a meaningful goal in your life. It takes discipline to master this lifestyle transformation, but the results can be astounding.

6. Do You Call Yourself an Entrepreneur? by Noah Kagan.  In this Forbes article, established entrepreneur Noah Kagan (creator of AppSumo) criticizes the growing overuse of the term “entrepreneur.”  He claims that you’re not an entrepreneur until your business supports your lifestyle and that people should be less worried about a title and more concerned about solving other people’s problems.  The article is sharp and to the point, but is a good humble reminder that a title doesn’t mean anything!

7. 3 Steps to Making Your Big Ideas Actually Happen by Kat Boogaard of The Muse.  Are you all ideas and no action?  Then this article is a perfect place to start!  It’s a 5 minute read that will help you make your passion project a reality!

8. Who Were You Supposed To Be? by Jane Hwangbo. In this highly personal and reflective blog post, Jane looks back at all the influences in her life that were preventing her from following her calling.  It wasn’t until a post-divorce mid-life crisis that she actually started living her dream.  Jane’s an outstanding writer and provides great perspective.

9. The Personal Success Equation by Ben Carlson. This excellent three minute read challenges the traditional concept of success. It argues that we should not determine our own success by mirroring those around us who we perceive to be successful.  In fact, he states that we should block out societal pressures of success and find our very own personal version of it.

10. 7 Signs You’re On The Verge Of A Transformation by Allie Stark. This article goes over the major signs that your in the midst of a transnational period in your life.  If the stars don’t feel like they’re quite aligning in your life right now then this could be just the reassuring article you need.  Bottom line: Embrace the change!

11. 17 Bad Habits You Need to Kill in 2017 to Be More Successful by Chris Dessi.  Most people use the new year to implement good habits into their life, but what if you can simply eliminate all the bad?  Here is a list of 17 bad habits that you can cut out right away to increase productivity and chance of being successful.

12. I Measure the Quality of My Life in the Quality of My Interactions by Jon Westenberg.  Jon talks about the importance of quality conversation in our day to day life.  He argues that it’s not the people we’re surrounded by, but how we can connect with them on a deeper level.

13. 7 Ideas About Finding The Work You Were Meant To Do by Kate Torgovnick.  This TED Talks article takes yet another angle on how to figure out what you’re meant to do in life.  The article also explains that rather than simply trying to “find” your calling, you may have to “fight” for it!  Luckily, the fight will be worth it.

14. Taming the Mammoth: Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think by Tim Urban.  In this hysterical post, Tim Urban, talks about how we must stop folding into social pressures and tame our “Social Survival Mammoth.”  You know that voice in the back of your head that’s always worried about what other people think?  Yeah, it’s time to shut him up!

That concludes my list.  I hope that within these posts you can extract at least one new habit or new perspective that can improve your life.  Please share below which ones you liked, which ones you didn’t, and any ones I’ve missed!


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