3 Steps to Manifesting Your Dreams with the Law of Attraction
June 16, 2017

Note: This is a guest post written by STL member Olivia Auzenne who runs an online marketing agency called The Auzenne Agency and has a YouTube channel called WithLoveOA.  Thanks for posting Oliva!


When I was 17, my father ushered my entire family into our living room and made us all watch this new documentary.  At first, my 17 year old self was resilient, as I had friends to text and places to be. But he got me in there and looking back, I am so glad that he did. 

The documentary he had us watch was called The Secret.- a film that brings together scientists, authors and philosophers to discuss the ancient concept of the Law of Attraction, which states that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, you ultimately bring positive or negative experiences into your life.  

This documentary would change the entire course my life.

This was my first time consuming self-help content or hearing about the Law of Attraction and I felt an immediate jolt of motivation.  From that point forward I began implementing the Law of Attraction into my life.

By embracing this new concept I taught myself how to think positively even when it felt absolutely impossible. This mindset has changed everything for me.

Since the day I saw that documentary, I’ve practiced the Law of Attraction throughout my life and can hardly believe the results. In my young adulthood I have been able to successfully move to another state without a job and launch my own marketing firm, The Auzenne Agency.  To this day, the Law of Attraction has never failed me.

Through my own life experiences, I’ve learned an incredible amount about the Law of Attraction and want to share with you three steps for practicing it on your own. With these steps, you will be on your way to building your ideal life and manifesting your dreams. 


Three Steps for Practicing the Law of Attraction:


1. Set Your Intention

The Universe cannot grant you what you want if you do not know what you want for yourself.  The first step in utilizing the Law of Attraction will be to realize your desires and your intention. 

In order to discover what it is you want, try to quiet your mind with meditation.  This will allow your spirit to guide you through to your heart. Here is where you will begin to discover messages about your true purpose.

Realizing your purpose will assist you in creating the roadmap to achieving your goals. Once your intentions are clearly set, the Law of Attraction will begin to work for you. 


2. Take Action

Unfortunately, just setting your intention and thinking positively about it will not attract the life that you want.  Many people misinterpret the Law of Attraction and believe that if they think about driving a Mercedes that it will just pop up into their driveway.  I hate to break it to you, but this is simply not the case.

After setting your intention and listening to your heart, you must now take inspired action. Having faith without putting in the work is not enough.

I recommend turning back to your mediations where you will receive the guidance you need for each next step. And then once this guidance is provided, the duty falls on you to follow through and make it happen.


3. Be Patient

Now that you’ve set your intention and taken inspired action, you want to be patient.  The Law of Attraction states that you should relax and have silent confidence in knowing that what you are looking to manifest is on its way.

You must also have faith and emit positive energy towards your situation to persevere.  Your goal each day should be to think positive thoughts, which in turn sends out a positive frequency to the universe.

Through positive action and patience, you will start to see the Law of Attraction work in your favor.  The key is to not doubt yourself even in moments of uncertainty.  Don’t allow the negative thoughts to creep back into your mind.  Negative thoughts result in a negative life and positive thoughts result in a positive life. You will always receive what you focus on.


I hope that as you set out on your own journey into the Law of Attraction that these three steps will help you.  I hope that they can have the same impact in your life as they have in mine.  

One quote that has always helped me embrace the Law of Attraction and remind me of the power that it holds is by Abraham Hicks.  Abraham says that we must always “stand on the brink of what is coming- feeling eager, with no feeling of impatience, doubt, or unworthiness.”  

So as you move throughout your day today and start to think about your future, I urge you to take control of your reality and design your life exactly how you’ve always dreamed it to be.  Make the six-year-old version of you, who could dream and wonder without doubt, proud of who you are today.

With love,



Olivia Auzenne is the founder of an online marketing agency based in Houston, Texas. Her new YouTube channel discusses vegetarianism, spirituality, quantum physics, and entrepreneurship.  She is an anti-authority, non-conformist, new-ager looking to make a major impact in a very positive way. You can join her on her journey via the mediums below.

YouTube Channel: WithLoveOA

Instagram: @WithLoveOA



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