Blog Reflections and Readjusting My Focus
August 11, 2017

When I created this blog back in April, 2016, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted it to become.  What started as a bunch of “quarter life crisis” journal entries slowly morphed over time. 

Today, my content shifts between personal growth hacks and career tips.

As I write to you now, I’m still searching for my blogger identity.

And according to all the blogger tips out there I’m doing it all wrong. 


You’re supposed to follow a formula.  You’re supposed to stick to one topic.  You’re supposed to lure the audience in and then pitch them a product.

You write. You promote. You get traffic. You sell.

There’s even been weak moments in my past where I’ve pitched affiliate products such as Bluehost and Amazon.  At one point last winter, my site was littered with banner ads and clickbait. 

As I look back at this time period now, I’m disgusted with myself.  Had I started this blog to make a few bucks on the internet?  No.


I started this blog so that I could help people.  I started this blog to gain purpose in my life.    

As I fought through my self-diagnosed quarter life crisis last spring, I wanted to comfort others who were going through the same thing.  The blog was merely a medium to host my ideas and reach a greater audience. 

And despite my momentary slip up last winter I believe this is something I’ve done.  While the blog has not “gone viral,” there has been small community that has formed around my ideas. 

There have been people who I’ve helped and there have been people who’ve helped me. 

The loneliness I felt before I launched my blog has slowly faded away as I’ve found who share my problems and seek the same answers as me.  This blog has helped me meet people from all over the world and form new friendships.  


I am grateful for my audience who has stuck with me through all my crazy posts and for this Straddle The Line community that has formed from dust. 

My main focus will continue to be to add value to your life whether that be through personal growth hacks, career tips or my crazy journal-style rants.  Any other focus, such as selling product, will be secondary.  

That is my promise to you.

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