Difficult Decisions and the Path Less Chosen
January 25, 2017

In the moment, you’ll never know if the decision you’ve made is the right one.

Either way you’ll have your doubts. Either way you’ll have your regrets.

So which path to choose? Which way to turn?

It will never be black and white. The line will seem blurred.

So you waver. You cower. You freeze.

You do your research. You ask your family and friends.

But deep down, you’ve known your decision all along.

It’s as you feared.

It’s the path less chosen.

It’s the one your family cautioned you about and your friends couldn’t understand.

It’s the one you were afraid you’d pick.

And now, although the path looks treacherous, you must begin your journey.

You ready yourself for failure. You ready yourself for pain. You ready yourself for solitude.

But even among these doubts, you feel your heart flutter. You feel your mind race with the possibilities of this new world you might find.

You know that the journey will be worth it.

You close your eyes and try to capture this feeling so that you can remember it when times are tough.

Because you know they will be. But now you’re prepared.

You have the mindset. You have the will. You have the strength.

You’re ready to embark. You’re ready to climb.

So put the decision behind you and pave your path.

You can’t see the summit. But you can feel that itch inside you, and that feeling alone will get you there.

It’s time to climb.

There’s no going back.

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