Harness Your Greater Power On a Daily Basis
November 1, 2018

No matter what level of success you achieve, there are going to be moments when you feel broken down and defeated.

Perhaps you opened an email this morning and found out that a client has dropped you. Or you got a call back about your latest interview and learned they went with the other guy.

In business, moments like these are inevitable. Not everything is going to go your way everyday. In fact, most days will feel like nothing is going your way. This is consistent across industries and job functions. Both entry-level employees and C-level business executives deal with failure on a daily basis. In fact, one may argue that the higher you climb the more frequently you face failure.


So how do you remain resilient despite constant defeat and set backs?

Is there some sort of “office armor” you can buy on Amazon? Unfortunately, no. The only way to build your resilience is to create your own mental armor and there are several tactics that can help you do that.

One way, which I want to share with you today, I call “harnessing your greater power.” 


Yes. You have a greater power and chances are you don’t even know it. Most of the day you are operating in, what I’ll call, “normal power” mode. Picture a ceiling fan that is set on low. It still spins and creates some wind but it’s not producing at it’s full capacity. This is how you operate at work 95% of the time. Existing in this low power mode is enough for you to skate by, but it’s not enough in times of crisis or adversity. In times, like these, you need to gear up and find your greater power.

So how can you tap into your greater power when you need it? Below I’ve shared a technique that you can use on a daily basis to tap into your greater power and develop the resilience you need to persevere when times get tough.


Technique To Harness Your Greater Power

One of the best ways to harness your greater power and to overcome your current situation, no matter how difficult it may seem, is to step out of your mind and into your body. The ways in which you position your body, whether sitting or standing, can greatly affect your mood and level of confidence. By positioning yourself in a strong stance you can begin to uncover your greater power and build your resilience.

For example, sitting down with your back hunched over your laptop would be an example of a low-energy and disempowering stance. In this position your body is closed and almost in fetal position. You’re naturally going to be more defensive and fearful. On the other hand, if you’re able to sit with your back straight, chest open and chin up you will start to feel a natural power emerge. In this stance you will be ready to face your challenges head-on.

You can also use this same concept while standing. When you’re standing in the office or during a presentation, is your back hunched and arms closed or are you positioning yourself with your shoulders back and hands open? The way you position yourself will impact how you feel about yourself and will affect how others perceive you.


The Superhero Pose

You’ll also want to find your own “superhero pose” to use when times get particularly tough. What is a “superhero pose?” Simply, it is a pose that empowers you. Everyone will have their own version of this.

My “superhero pose” looks like this: I stand up straight looking out the window into the skyline with both hands closed in a fist and resting on my hips. I step into this pose before any big call, presentation or other moment where I need strength. It gives me confidence and reassurance when my mind swirls with doubts.

I challenge you to find your own superhero pose that you can use before your next big moment or to step into when you fail. Try to see what comes naturally to you and pay close attention to your level of emotion. Test out different postures, arm positioning and even different facial expressions. Whatever position gives you the most confidence and joy should be where you end up. Keep tweaking it until it feels right.


Next time you’re feeling defeated from a difficult day’s work or are anticipating a challenge ahead, harness your greater power by stepping into your superhero pose. This is one big step towards building up your resilience so that you can continue to reach for the next level in your career. Step into that power position and you’ll be amazed at what you can overcome.



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