How To Conquer Fear Through Love
August 24, 2018

My entire life I’ve been living in fear.

When I was a kid, I was afraid of getting hurt on the playground. In high school, I was afraid of not getting accepted into a good university.

And now as an adult, fear surrounds me more than ever.

I’m afraid of losing touch with my family as I grow older. I’m afraid of messing up my finances and running out of money. I’m afraid of what would happen if I lose my job.

Most of all, perhaps, I’m afraid of failure.

What if I don’t hit my sales goals? What if I never make it as a professional coach? What if this blog dies out?


While some people see fear as a great motivator – something that pushes them to new heights – I’ve come to believe that fear is the biggest thing holding me back.

If I had no fear I’m certain my life would be very different. I wouldn’t sweat the small stuff. I would follow my dreams without hesitation. I’d live happier and laugh more.

Think for a moment. How might your life be different if you had no fear?

Picture it. You’d be free.


So, if fear is the culprit but it pervades our thoughts, how do we escape? I believe we need to replace the fear with something else – something stronger.

We need to replace fear with love.

If fear is the emotion that creates anger, hate and anxiety. Love is exactly the opposite. Love is the emotion that creates joy, kindness and laughter.

In fact, I would argue, you cannot feel fear and love at the same time. When you’re in a state of fear you block out love. When you’re in a state of love you block out fear.

So the choice is fear OR love.

Which will you choose? 


The next time you feel fear creeping into your mind, try to silence it with thoughts of love. This will be difficult at first as fear has built up a strong defense system, but the battle will be worth it. If you can find a way to approach every fearful situation with thoughts of love, over time the fear will begin to dissolve.

Here’s a technique you can try that’s worked for me.

Whenever you feel fear start to intrude your thoughts – whether it’s before a big presentation, an important job interview, or even a first date – close your eyes and say to yourself “I choose love.”

“I choose love.”

“I choose love.”

“I choose love.”

Repeat it to yourself ten times while taking a deep breath between each statement. Open your eyes at the end and see how you feel. Notice the change in your emotions and how much lighter you are. Notice that just the thought of love can fight off fear.


The moment that you see that you can choose between fear and love is the moment you are free. And while fear will always try to creep back into your mind, knowing that you have a defense for it can change your life.

The more you can cast out the darkness of fear with the light of love, the better your life will be. You will begin to see life without fear.

Your worries will dissolve. Your anxiety will diminish. Your hate will subside. Because none of these can exist if you’re in a state of love. And it’s in this state of love that your life is truly limitless.

So will you choose love?


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