How to Dominate a First Interview – Fired Up Friday: Week 73
March 19, 2018

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Career Tip:

How to Dominate a First InterviewIt can be daunting to face a first interview if you’ve been out of practice or if you’re new to the working world. Last week one of my friends was going into a first interview and came to me looking for tips. To help her out, I typed up an email that broke the interview preparation process into five parts: 1) What to do before the interview 2) What questions to be ready for 3) What questions to ask 4) How to close and 5) How to follow up. This week I typed these up into a blog post for you to bookmark for your next round of interviews. One tip right off the bat: be confident and curious heading into a first interview… you’re doing an evaluation of them just as much as they are of you. When you’re in there, think do YOU want to work with them?

Life Hack:

You Don’t Get What You Want In Life. You Get What You Think You Deserve.” What if your success in life and business is determined by the thoughts in your head? What if the limiting beliefs of yourself are the only thing that’s holding you back? In this inspiring video from “Pursuit: The Series,” Daphnie Yang shares her own story of how positive affirmations and extinguishing her limiting beliefs propelled her to start her own signature workout class and open a studio.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Daphnie in person (and getting my a$$ kicked in her HIIT IT class) and can tell she has found the work that she is meant to do. She shines in her class while lifting other people up physically and emotionally. Daphnie, in many ways, is the living breathing example of everything Straddle The Line sets out to help you accomplishThis video is a must watch.

Lifestyle Design Story:

“The Best Way to Jump is to Just Do It.” This is the quote I recently received from an ex-coworker who quit his San Francisco tech sales job last month to become a digital nomadRich Ferris spent the first decade of his career in the tech industry in San Francisco, leading a fast-paced life in a rewarding career, but he wanted something different. Rich wanted to live a simpler life on his terms and decided to move to Bali where he could get by on $1000 per month – a steep decline from the Bay Area’s ridiculous cost of living.

What stood out to me about Rich’s story, however, is that he didn’t jump with a huge safety net. He didn’t have a business that was making him rich.He jumped to this new life because he had confident in his abilities to make it work. And he’s off to a great start. Rich let me know last week that he got his first client last week for his digital consulting business. Follow Rich’s story on Instagram to see if the digital nomad life is for you!

Article to Check Out:

Decision Making Under Uncertainty by Mike FishbeinIn his latest article, one of my favorite bloggers Mike Fishbein, breaks down the book “Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When You Don’t Have All The Facts” by poker player Annie Dukes. Annie Dukes is perhaps the most famous female poker of all time and master of making critical decisions when the stakes are high. But it turns out that Annie’s lessons from the poker table have translated to success in business and life. Check out Mike’s post to find out the 16 lessons he learned from Annie’s book and how you can make smarter decisions in your life. 

Quote of the Week:

“Failure can become our most powerful path to learning if we’re willing to choose courage over comfort.” – Brene Brown

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