I was a Workaholic – Fired Up Friday: Week 62
January 3, 2018

I was a Workaholic – Fired Up Friday

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Career Tip:
Leave Your Work at the Office. I was a workaholic. I used to think that the only way to get ahead in my fast-paced, highly competitive sales environment was to out-work everyone. I came in at 7:30AM before anyone else. I wouldn’t leave until 7:00PM. At night I’d study up on a new product or prepare for a presentation. I didn’t stop. And in the short term, this method rewarded me. I got recognition. I got a promotion. But in the long term? Burnout. I lasted about two years at this pace before wanting to throw in the towel all together. I let my life become my work. Don’t let this happen to you. Check out this article from Harvard Business Review on how to leave your work at the office. 

Article to Read:
How to Keep Going when your Dream Seems Far Off. Ever feel like your career is stuck in quicksand while your friends already seem to have their $hit together? This blog post, from the Tiny Buddha blog, dives Claire O’Connor’s story as a struggling entrepreneur in her mid 30s who has to work degrading side jobs to make ends meet while she works towards creating her business. Claire provides 5 tips on how to persevere in tough times and how to keep your dreams in mind.

Life Hack:
Invest with as little as $5 – Stash AppThis New Year wouldn’t it be nice to save and invest rather than burn through all your cash? If only investing didn’t seem like such a daunting task. Do I have enough money to invest? How do I pick the right investments? Luckily, with the Stash App you can now invest with as little as $5 and pick investments in a simple and straightforward way. Fees are low and no broker is required. I would check out this Stash and it’s competitor Acorn to see which you like better. Happy investing 😉 

Podcast to Check Out:
Where Should We Begin? by Esther PerelEsther Perel is more than just a marriage counselor; she’s an expert on relationships and sexuality. In this podcast she lets us listen in on her most intimate conversations with her clients as they struggle with lost love, marriage conflicts and infidelity. While this podcast won’t help you grow from a career perspective, it will give you valuable lessons on love and relationships.

Quote of the Week:
“The only real failure is abandoning your principles. Killing what you love because you can’t bear to part from it is selfish and stupid. If your reputation can’t absorb a few blows, it wasn’t worth anything in the first place.” – Ryan Holliday, Ego is the Enemy

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