Ignore the Noise, Chase your Dreams, No Matter the Cost
January 12, 2017

Ignore the noise. Ignore the doubters.  Ignore the negativity.  

Don’t let those who are afraid to take risks themselves deter you.  Don’t listen to the critics who stand by to watch you fall.

Instead, listen to that voice inside your head that speaks when the rest of your world is quiet.  Don’t waiver from what you know you’re capable of.  Don’t retreat from the pursuit of your dreams.  

Be strong.  Be bold. Be true to you.  

Your belief in your mission is all that matters.  Don’t fall back into the majority where things were easy.

It’s not supposed to be easy.


Lead the way and show others the light that they can’t yet see.  Strive to make yourself and those around you better, no matter the cost.  

It takes courage to be able to step out of line and pave a new path.  And it takes resilience to never give up. At times, you may feel lost. But keep going. Don’t stop.

With each step forward you will start to see small signs that the path you’re taking is a righteous one. Every time you consider quitting you will be reminded that what you’re doing has purpose.  

These moments will override the feeling of doubt that creeps in when you explain your ideas to those who don’t understand. And more importantly, it will override the doubt within you.

You should know however, that once you begin to pave your path, there is no returning to your old life.  There is no stepping back into the crowd.  

There is only you, your dreams and that vast space between them.  


There is only the grueling journey and the lessons you’ll learn. But as long as there’s purpose in your journey it’ll be worth it. 

You will need to overcome the doubts of those close to you and even the doubts that creep up into your mind.  But don’t stop.  Don’t let them be right.  

Persist.  Persevere.  Prevail.  No matter how long it takes.  For even in moments of failure, you’ll realize you’ve passed those who never tried.  





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