My Meditative Awakening & 3 Reasons You Should Join Me
October 13, 2016

For the first 25 years of my life practicing meditation never even crossed my mind.  It always sounded like some abstract concept meant for hippies and yoga instructors.  It was something I had seen in movies and read about in history books, but never something I thought I could use.  Maybe it was for some people, but it wasn’t for me.  Right?


This year I found out that meditation IS for me.  In fact, I realized meditation is for anyone.  Meditation is for the salesman, the doctor and the college student. It’s for the lawyer, the teacher and the entrepreneur.  Meditation is for you, if you’re ready for it.

It has the ability to open corners of your mind that are often left unexplored in this noisy world we live in.   It will give you the key to unlocking your true desires. It will point you in that direction you’ve been searching so desperately for.

At least, that’s what it’s done for me…

In this post I share the story of how meditation entered into my life and 3 reasons why meditation is for you.


My Meditative Awakening:

Meditation was never an idea I took too seriously.  It was a concept that would hover in my mind for a brief second before I’d dismiss it.

This all changed when I visited a close friend in New York City last winter.   We were in the middle of a booze-infused brunch when she mentioned that she and a few of her friend had been experimenting with meditation.

Huh? Really? One of MY friends had been meditating? A person that lives in bustling downtown Manhattan? A sales person like me?

Now this intrigued me. It didn’t add up. I had to learn more. I had to try it for myself…

So one night shortly after my return to Boston I sat down, plugged in my noise-cancelling ear buds and clicked the top meditation video on YouTube. I closed my eyes and waited for that meditation magic to happen.

The result?  Complete bliss? An instant awakening? All my problems washed away?

Not quite…

After 15 minutes of a “Deep Relaxation Guided Meditation” video I had so much as managed to prevent myself from falling asleep. I had not “seen” anything. While the music and the female voice were quite calming I have to admit I did not slip into this otherworldly state that my friend had hinted at.

Maybe meditation just wasn’t for me after all.  Maybe I wasn’t meant to see the “light.”

Luckily for me I didn’t stop after one try. I kept at it. And after the third or forth time it happened.

My breathing slowed. My head cleared. And I finally entered that alternate state of mind I had heard so much about. I floated in and out of consciousness for 15 minutes as the music and tranquil voice flowed through my head.

For the first time, my whole world came to a stop. My cluttered mind quit racing. All the meaningless things in my life that had been bothering me washed away and I was able to see clearly – clearer than I ever had before.

I was able to see what mattered to me. I was able to glimpse the path I had been searching for. I finally saw the power of meditation that my friend from New York had alluded to.


Since that night about 9 months ago I have been meditating habitually. It helps me escape from my hectic city life. It helps me wash away all the troubles that consume my busy mind on a daily basis.

I usually do it at night before I go to bed in the quiet of my own room. But on a good night you can find me meditating on the banks of the Charles River as the sinking sun hovers along the Cambridge skyline.

Meditation has been one of the biggest improvements I’ve made to my life in 2016. I absolutely swear by it now. And I want to convert you!


3 Reasons Why You Should Meditate:

1. Relax the mind

If you’re anything like me you lead a very chaotic life. You’re mind is probably moving in a million directions throughout the day. You might have a big project due at work, a big interview you’re prepping for, or a side hustle business that’s running you into the ground.

All these stressors can be aided through meditation. Every time I come out of a meditative state I find myself more calm, hopeful and focused than before. It’s like pressing the reset button. You’re mind and heart will thank you if you find time in your day to meditate.

2. Think Big Picture

Meditation can help you refocus your attention on all the things that really matter to you in life and deemphasize all the things that don’t.

We are often clouded by all these distractions of the modern day world and because of this we follow down one path in our life blindly. We often neglect to take time away for ourselves. We seldom think about where we are really heading in life or career and whether we want to get there at all.

Through meditation I started think more broadly about my life goals and what I wanted to accomplish long-term. I started to think about who I wanted to become and how I wanted to be remembered.

Through meditation you have the ability to unlock this insight as well. You have the ability to see what matters to you when the world is silent. You have the ability to reawaken your passions

3. A Key to Success?

Meditation is a habit that is frequently found in many of the world’s most successful people. Tim Ferriss interviews world-class performers from all fields in his podcast and has found that over 80% of his guests participate in some form of meditation. These are the most successful people in the world at their given field!

I think the reason for this statistic is that meditation allows you to hone in on your skills and desires. It allows you to discover the best version of yourself and uncover your innate abilities. Furthermore it gives you the courage to take on an obstacle that may have previously seemed insurmountable.


Next Up: HOW To Meditate:

So now I’ve given you the key reasons on WHY to meditate and how it’s helped me. But if I’ve held your attention this long, you’re probably thinking… OK, so how do I get started? How do I give this thing shot?

Well luckily for you I’m coming out with a step-by-step guide on HOW to meditate. This will be geared towards complete beginners and will be released shortly.

Thanks for reading today and I’ll leave you with one final thought: 95% of people will give up on meditation before they can ever discover its true benefits. Be part of the 5% that discovers its power!  You’re life will change for the better as mine has. I’m sure of it.

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