Overcoming Self-Doubt: A Mindset Shift
November 10, 2016

I’m not good enough. I have nothing to offer. It’s all been done before.


What if I fail? What if I mess up? What if people see me struggle?


I’m too tired. I’ll do it tomorrow. It can wait.


Maybe I’ll go left. Maybe I’ll go right. Maybe I just won’t move.


I’m stuck. The path is blocked. There’s nowhere to go.


I’m unsure. Life’s unclear. Why am I here?


I’m unique. I have something to offer. I have a skill set.


I can choose my direction. I can live by my rules. I can seek fulfillment.


I have failed, but I’m learning. I’m growing everyday. I’m stronger.


I’ve struggled. I’ve cried. But I’m still standing.


I am here for a reason. I have people to serve. I can change this world.


I will reach my goals. I will become exactly what I want to become. They’ll see.



Same situation.

Two outlooks.

Two futures.  

We limit ourselves.

We aim too low.

We undermine our capabilities.

We kill our own dreams.

But, we have the ability to change all this.

Our world is how we perceive it.

Our actions first originate from thought.

You think it and you will become it.

It will not happen overnight.

It will be the hardest thing you’ve ever done.

It will take a major mind shift.

Toss out all you thought you knew.

Start from scratch.

Start with YOU.

You’ll have to ignore the doubters.

You’ll have to ignore your own doubts.

But it will be worth it.

You can reach higher.

You can climb.

You can live intentionally.

You can be fulfilled.

Look within.

You’ll find the truth.

You’ll hear what matters to you.

You can be more than you think is possible.

You can design your life.

You just need to believe.

Let’s reach.

Let’s fail.

Let’s learn.

Let’s prevail.


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