Motion Creates Emotion: The Blogging Effect
January 17, 2017

Some will say it’s just a blog.  Others will say it’s a waste of time.  Everyone will think you’re crazy.

But what if creating a platform for your ideas is a way to start attracting the life that you want?

What if it can lead you to likeminded people from around the world that you never would have known otherwise?

What if you can even leverage it to develop an expertise or alter your career?

For me, that’s exactly what this blog has done.

As Straddle The Line has grown over the last eight months, I’ve slowly attracted new people and new ideas into my life. This blog is the gateway to the life I’ve been searching for.

The thoughts and ideas that I had previously hidden from the world have become my greatest asset.  As I’ve opened myself up to my readers, they have in turn started to open themselves up to me.

I now find myself in deeper conversations than ever before.  It’s as if the wall has been lowered.  The bullshit of our lives pushed to the side.  And we can both talk about the things that matter.

So this blog, while it has not been the financial success I had hoped, has done so much more for me than I’d imagined.

It’s given me new friends abroad and at the office.  It’s reconnected me with several lost links in my life.  It’s even allowed me to mentor others and discover my passion for coaching.

For the greater part of the last year I’ve been searching for my purpose and for this ideal life that’s always seemed out of reach.  It is not until now, eight months after my first post, that I can finally reflect and see that this purposeful life is starting to form around me.

The types of people that I’ve always wanted in my life are emerging because of the words I’ve written on these pages.  The type of meaningful work I’ve been searching for is materializing.

And it’s all because I was willing to put one crazy idea into motion.  I was willing to project my authentic self.  I was willing to show my scars and be vulnerable.

And while this is only the start of a long journey for me, it’s promising to see the small changes it’s made in my life and in those who have joined the STL movement.

So, let me ask you, when will you begin your journey?

What’s holding you back from putting that one crazy idea into action?

What’s keeping you from leaving the unfulfilling life you have and chasing the life you want?

Your ideal life could be just around the corner. But it will not present itself to you, I’ll promise you that. 

You’re going to have to fight for it, like I am right now.


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