STL Music: Motivational Flow Playlist #1
May 26, 2017

A friend asked me recently what keeps me going.  How do I blog week after week?  How do I write when I don’t know if anyone will read it?   How do I stay focused?

These are good questions.  Ones that I had to reflect on.

Sure, it takes discipline and time management.  It takes goal setting and commitment.  

But I don’t think that these things by themselves are enough.  

I realize that there’s one thing that is there for me every time I sit down to write to you.  There’s one thing that centers me and allows me to persevere, not just in blogging but in all parts of life.

That one thing is music.  

Music calms me.  Music stimulates me.  Music motivates me.    

In fact, music has been what I lean on whenever times get tough.  It’s helped me calm my nerves before a big presentation.  It’s helped pick me up whenever I feel depressed.  It even helped me complete the Boston Marathon.

Any major accomplishment in my life, I couldn’t have done it without music.  So I find that’s where I turn when the blogging grind gets tough.  

I plug in.  I turn up the volume.  And I forget about everything else.  

It’s my happy place.  And today I want to share a piece of that happy place with you.  

Below I’ve created a playlist of songs that motivate and inspire me.  I hope they do the same for you.

This playlist contains a combination of indie, electronic, hip-hop and R&B.  It’s perfect for getting work done or relaxing with friends.  

It’s feel good music.  

Click HERE or on the image below to checkout the 30 track playlist.  I hope this music moves and motivates you as it has for me.


STL Motivational Flow Playlist (30 Tracks):

Before you go, let me know if you have any tracks I should add!  Always looking for new stuff. 



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