STL Podcast #1: My Dad’s a Twitter Poet (Ft. Joe Barca)
February 8, 2017

Some Dad’s are into baseball.  Some are into home improvement.  Others are into automobiles.  But my Dad… he’s a little bit different.  

My Dad’s a poet.  

And more accurately, he’s a Twitter poet!  Yup, that’s right! You can check out his micro-poetry on Twitter at @shepherdmoon53 & @poetme13 where he’s tweeted over 60,000 times!

Back in October I had the chance to sit down with my Dad, Joe Barca, to discuss his passion for poetry and how it’s become an intricate part of his life.  For just under 40 minutes my Dad gives you a peak into his poetic genius, samples of his work and a preview of his first two books, Henry & Grace: A Love Story & Other Poetry and A Picnic Moon.

In this first ever podcast from Straddle The Line, you will laugh (and maybe even cry) as my Dad is animated and at times a bit ridiculous.  This is NOT your typical poetry discussion!  

So please enjoy this podcast by clicking the Play button below or playing it on your SoundCloud app through my profile @BrendanBarca (LINK HERE). 

A special thanks to my Dad for joining me on this experiment and sharing his love for poetry with the STL audience!

And if you’re short on time you must at least listen to this hysterical clip: Minutes 26:06 – 33:31


My Dad’s a Twitter Poet: Ft. Joe Barca

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