My Japan Photo Stream: Walk with me from Tokyo to Kyoto
May 12, 2017
There are only 26 letters in the English language.  And with these 26 letters we form words and sentences which we use to express our thoughts.  
We then use these thoughts to explain our experiences and tell people our stories.
But sometimes it’s just not so easy.  Sometimes what we see and feel is simply too much for words.
It’s too much for those 26 letters to represent.  
And that’s exactly how I’ve felt since I returned from Japan.   
Since arriving home a few days ago I’ve tried to express what I experienced in Japan to several people , but every time I’ve come up short.  
My words simply cannot represent what I saw and what I encountered there.  
So with this post I’m going to take a different approach than usual.  Today I’m going to let my pictures do the talking for me.  
Below I’ve arranged a series of my best photos from the trip in an effort to teleport you there with me.  
Enjoy the show and let this be an inspiration for your next journey.

My Japan Photo Stream

(May take a minute to load.  Best viewed on a computer.)

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