18 Principles To Spur Your Personal Growth
September 24, 2016

Do you ever feel stuck?  Ever feel like your life doesn’t have a defined direction?  Are there answers out there that seem to allude you?  Today on the blog I give you 18 ways to help you get un-stuck, find a direction and find those answers.  It all starts with finding ways to improve your personal growth trajectory.  

Below I have listed my 18 principles to spur your personal growth.  You’ll find that they’re labeled 15 – 32 and that is because they were originally an extension of my post titled 14 Truths for Mindful Twenty Somethings.  That post is also a must read!  

My goal here is to empower you to start searching for your purpose in life and to seek a truly fulfilling life.  These are techniques I use myself and have learned from other top minds. Let me know what you think and if you have any to add!


18 Principles Spur your Personal Growth:

  1. Spend a portion of everyday consuming new information or a new skill.
  1. Read: Non-fiction to learn and fiction to escape.
  1. Don’t waste time chasing other people’s dreams.
  1. Work on being productive on things that matter and not busy on things that don’t.
  1. Think about what you want daily…. What you really want.
  1. Start thinking… how can I design my life around what matters to me?
  1. Provide value for others and success will follow.
  1. Just because everyone else doubts you doesn’t mean you will fail.  Trust yourself. Trust in your ideas.
  1. Don’t think it’s too late for you.  It’s not.  You have time.  We all have time.
  1. Ignore status. Focusing on this will cripple you in the end.  You will never achieve the status you desire.
  1. Stop consuming material things and start consuming experiences. The man who dies with the most toys is still dead.
  1. Learn from the people you want to emulate.  Study their habits incessantly.
  1. Every time you say yes to something, realize you’re saying no to everything else. Choose your actions wisely.
  1. Meditate often.  Unfortunately, most will never know the benefits of meditation. Most will give up after just a few attempts. But those that discover the power of it will be rewarded.
  1. Never stop exploring. Never stop traveling.  What you love most might still be out there.
  1. Put yourself in a place where people are growing, changing and innovating. You are a product of your environment.
  1. Grow every single day in one meaningful way.  Don’t take a day off. The results in the end will be extraordinary.
  1. Don’t back down from your ideas.  Don’t back down from your thoughts.  Be yourself.  Be yourself to everyone in your life.  People will respond to your authenticity.


So that concludes my rant on life advice (at least for now). I know there was a lot of similarity between some of my points and even slight overlap but hopefully that just reemphasizes my points.

The reason I share these is because I have really started to believe in each and every idea. I have started to mold my life around these ideas and have started to see small improvements in my daily life already. I hope through the list you took away one or two you might start to implement today.

Thanks again for reading and don’t forget to Like or Share my favorite posts on your social media platform of choice! I can only grow this thing with your help! Thanks again and comment below with your thoughts. What principles do you live by? What advice do you have for the rest of us?

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