What is Straddle The Line? – A Reflection on STL’s Mission
March 24, 2018


Losing Sight of STL’s Mission

When people ask me, I tend to give a generic answer.  I tell them it’s a blog where I share personal development tips and give career advice. 

But every time I say that I feel like I’m selling it short.  It sounds so bland.  It sounds so cookie cutter.

The fact is that Straddle The Line has changed so much over the last two years that I frequently lose sight of what it is, what it was, and what it will be. 

What started as an anonymous journal for me to voice my 20-something problems has morphed into something much more. 

I can feel that, but I don’t know how to verbalize it.


Origin of STL

The original idea behind the name Straddle The Line was to capture the fact that I was straddling the line between the life that I had and the life that I wanted

Back then I was living in Boston, working in a large financial corporation, grinding out the 9-5.  And one day, none of it made sense to me anymore.

Why was I selling mutual funds?  Was this what I was meant to do?

Why was I wasting the greater part of my days in a cube with a headset tethered to my ear?

I had lost my direction back then – lost my purpose and my drive. 

But the issue back then was that I had to hang tight and live that corporate life while I figured it all out.  I had to straddle the line while I searched for what I was supposed to be doing. 

Since then, I’ve learned that I’m not alone.

Many of us have this inner itch to find a life and career with more purpose but don’t know where to start so they lose hope.  And on top of this, they don’t know how to survive their present situation in the meantime. 

It can be debilitating.  It can make you feel stuck.  


Clarity: Who STL Serves

As I reflect back now about what Straddle The Line stands for, it starts to become a bit clearer.  This blog is to help those people who feel “stuck” but who have hope for a brighter day. 

This blog is built to help people pave a path towards their higher calling while they survive their present situation.  It’s to help the people who desire a life with purpose but aren’t sure how to get there.

If you’re a dreamer who’s stuck right now, it’s my mission to help you out of your current situation and realize your higher purpose. 

No one deserves to straddle the line alone.  I’m here for you.  We’re here for each other.    



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