You Got a Problem? Fired Up Friday: Week 91
July 24, 2018
Consider This: You Got a Problem? 

I can see now that there is no end to my problems. There won’t be a day when I wake up and have no issues left to deal with. Once I’ve overcome one obstacle at work or in life another sits waiting in the shadows.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. Problems make life interesting. Problems force us to take action. They force us to change and grow.

But since problems are pervasive, we cannot allow them deter us from happiness. Instead, we must deal with them in a timely fashion so they cannot fester and become insurmountable.

I’ve found time and time again that my happiness comes from how I deal with the problems thrown at me, not from the problems themselves. Do I stare them right in the face? Do I take tackle them head on rather than run?

You too have a choice. Do you let the problems compile until there’s no way out or do you fight for your happiness?


Career Hack:  Be One With Your Job. 

I often catch myself romanticizing over a vision of who I want to become. I see myself as a renowned coach, blogger and entrepreneur. This vision is useful on some days as it keeps me moving toward my goal, but more often than not I fear it distracts me from where I am today.

The fact of the matter is, today I am a sales person at a tech startup. This is my reality.

I realized recently, through the advice of a friend, that it’s critical to show great attention and meticulousness to your current work, no matter what it is. Through this approach I’ve noticed two major advantages already. First, I am getting better at my current job now that I am fully focused on it. And second, I am happier doing the work because I am no longer being pulled away from it by this fantasy of my future life. I am no longer wishing I was somewhere else.

I have to believe that where I am today is where I’m supposed to be at this moment. And I have to believe that finding a way to do this job successfully will translate into future success. My goal today? Be one with my job.


Life Hack:  Listening to Confirm vs. Listening to Discover. 

We all claim to be listening when someone else is talking. The words come out of their mouths and into our ears. But what are we listening for? Are we listening for confirmation of our pre-existing beliefs or are we truly listening to discover?

I notice this phenomenon most when I’m listening to a discussion around politics. I often catch myself listening to the person who sides most closely with my beliefs. They make a statement about religion, the economy or war that I already side with and I find myself nodding my head in agreement. And then when the opposition begins to speak I cross my arms and mentally shut down. I hear what they’re saying but I’m not really listening.

By listening to confirm my pre-existing beliefs rather than to actually discover the other side’s point of view, I am sadly limiting my own understanding.

I find that the same phenomenon can take place at work. When your manager is giving you feedback, are you listening for tips that you already agree with or are you listening to discover the manager’s point-of-view in its totality?

By listening to discover we unlock the potential to understand. We can understand the other political party. We can understand our manager. And we even can start to understand ourselves.


Quote of the Week:

“Not all of us fail, just the best of us.” – Anonymous


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