Young, Dumb & Professional – Fired Up Friday: Week 59
December 15, 2017

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Young, Dumb & Professional – Fired Up Friday: Week 59

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The STL Vault – Motivational Post:
On Fighting Off Your Inner DemonsHow can we expect people to truly understand us if we wear this mask? How can we expect to receive help from others if they never know how we’re struggling, if they never see our pain? The answer? We can’t. Stop being too proud. Open up to the world. Share your self. Share your pain. Share your struggle. (Read More)

Podcast to Check Out:
Listening to Strangers. It’s a Movement. The Good Life Project Podcast’s Jonathan Fields sits down to interview Traci Ruble, a San Francisco based psychotherapist and the founder of Sidewalk Talk. Sidewalk talk is a global movement started one day when Traci decided to take her therapist chair to the streets. Since then she and countless others have put up folding chair on street corners to listen to and engage with complete strangers. The episode dives into the movement as well as Traci’s own transformative journey.

Book to Read:
You Are a Badass at Making MoneyIntroduced to me by STL member Pema SherpaJen Sincero’s book gives you a frank and entertaining step-by-step guide on how to overcome your fears around getting rich and to give yourself permission to make the kind of money you never have before. Jen’s inspirational rise from struggling 40 year old freelance writer to best selling author will teach you powerful ways to transform your own mindset around money.

Career Tip:
Young, Dumb & Professional. As you enter the workforce out of college you will have no sense of how to conduct yourself in the office. You won’t know what to wear. You won’t know what to say during meetings. While you won’t be expected to know everything, the best thing you can do is to develop your professionalism. Watch how the most respected employees wear. See how they act. Mimic them. Learn from them. You’ll be miles ahead of the other entry-level knuckleheads.

Life Hack:
Stop Searching. Start Finding. Over the last two years of my life I have done a lot of searching. I’ve searched for a new job, I’ve searched for a new city. I’ve searched for a more fulfilling path. But I’ve come to realize that all this searching has left little room for actual finding. It is only when I slow down, pause, and sit still that I find answers. It is only when I’m open to finding what’s next, rather than searching for what’s next that I find my path. Slow down your search, but remain open and ready for the possibilities to come.

Quote of the Week:
“We are not going in circles, we are going upwards. The path is a spiral; we have already climbed many steps.” – Hermann Hesse, Siddartha

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