You’re Your Own Worst Enemy – Fired Up Friday: Week 67
February 7, 2018

You’re Your Own Worst Enemy – Fired Up Friday

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Life Hack:

You’re Your Own Worst EnemyYou doubt yourself more than anyone else does. The moment you set out to achieve a difficult task your own mind starts flooding your head with doubts. “How am I going to do this?” “This is going to suck.” “I’ll never make it.” You are your worst enemy.

When I started this blog, I doubted my writing ability, I doubted that I had anything worthy to say, I doubted anyone would read it. I still fight these feelings on a weekly basis. The key to overcome self-doubt and achieving great things is as simple as changing the thoughts in your head. Here’s something I wrote that helped me overcome my doubts at a difficult inflection point in my life(2 Minute Read)

Career Tip:

Feedback is Critical to You and Everyone Around You. Want to improve your performance at work? The quickest way is to get credible feedback and then make adjustments. So why aren’t we giving feedback all day long? The problem is that many of us are bad at giving and receiving feedback. We tend to say the wrong thing. Somebody gets hurt.

So how do we change this to make for a “feedback friendly” environment? Here are two things you can do when giving feedback: 1) Care Personally: you need to show that your feedback is good in its intent so that the recipient is receptive. 2) Challenge Directly: be straightforward and clear with your feedback. Don’t convey your feedback with any hidden agendas. You need to maintain your trust.

Article to Read:

Find Your Why by Simon SinekA British-American motivational speaker and author, Simon Sinek, helps people find purpose in their career and life. By finding out why you do what you do you can unlock greater fulfillment in life. Through this link, Simon shares a 5 minute video on how he found his “Why” and also gives you a free chapter from the Find Your Why book. Shoutout to STL Captain Mike Shanley for turning me on to Simon’s stuff… more to come. (10 Minute Read)

Video to Check Out:

50 People. One Question“If you could change one thing about your body, what would it be?” A group of adults and a group of children are asked this same question. The children’s answers not only teach us how to be more comfortable in our own skin, but also show that we need to reawaken our creativity. Shoutout to Pierre-Loic for showing this at my company’s annual meeting. (4 Minute Watch)

Quote of the Week:

“Making mistakes is the privilege of the active. It is always the mediocre people who are negative, who spend time proving that they were not wrong.” – Ingvar Kamprad (Founder of IKEA)

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